. Can I get close protection cover with any luxury hire I purchase?

Of course all our services have an option to add close protection as well. This could be a super car chauffeur that is close protection trained, as well as a close protection operative assisting you on your travellers through our private jet chartering. We can accompany you individually or in a large team.

. I need a large team of bodyguards for a one off special event?

We provide bodyguards for however long you would require our services. This can range from a day to years, we're very diverse and can assist in all types of contracts.

. I already have an excellent permanent bodyguard from your company, but need a personal protection plan while I visit London for the weekend, can you assist in that area?

We can cater to any security needs that you have. This can be from a planned trip for the weekend or even travelling to another country through our secure services. We can also assist in any special occasion or event. We can also develop property security plans to make your home a more secure place to live.

. I need to be greeted at the airport as soon as I arrive in London for the weekend but I arrive tomorrow. Are you able to do this at such short notice?

Yes we have a team ready and waiting for rapid close protection responses. We can assist immediately to any security threats or situations.

. I need a 4X4 vehicle for week, but I would need it to be delivered and dropped off in different areas?

All our vehicles can come with a dropped off and picked up across the country. This can be home delivered and then dropped off in another location if required free of charge.